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The following new books about politics are available at the Aboite Branch of the Allen

County Public Library.

•“1948: Harry Truman’s Improbable Victory and the Year that Transformed America’s Role in the World” by David Pietrusza

Goes backstage to explain Truman’s surprise victory over Thomas Dewey. Pietrusza places the brutal political battle in the context of an erupting Cold War and America’s exploding storms over civil rights and domestic communism.

•“Man in the Middle” by Timothy Goeglein

A George W. Bush-era insider explains why he believes most of the 43rd president’s decisions were made for the greater good, and how many could serve as a blueprint for a more thoughtful, confident conservatism.

•“Eisenhower: The White House Years”

by Jim Newton

The President Eisenhower of popular imagination is a benign figure. Newton argues he was in fact a meticulous manager and a champion of peace.

•“The Price of Civilization: Reawakening American Virtue and Prosperity” by Jeffery Sachs

Offers a diagnosis of the country’s economic ills and argues that Americans can restore the virtues of fairness, honesty and foresight as the foundations of national prosperity.

•“Patriot Acts: what Americans must Do to Save the Republic” by Catherine Crier

A call to action for a return to conservative principles. Crier urges the Republican Party to address specific needs in areas ranging from big business and foreign policy to classical education and secular belief systems.

Rep. Tim Scott Weighs ‘Electability Factor’ in GOP Race

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Rep. Tim Scott, a tea-party favorite here whose endorsement looms large over the state’s Republican primary, said Monday he is facing the same dilemma many voters are tried to pick a candidate.

How much does electability matter when picking the party’s candidate?

“you have to throw in the electability factor, that you need to beat Barack Obama, that is still part of the equation,” Mr. Scott told reporters here. “the question is whether or not you believe the contrast is necessary

Is Obama a Christian?

I am subscribed to World Wide Religious News and not long ago an article appeared questioning whether Obama is a Christian the discussion exemplified the usual confusion between what I call on my site the Faithful level of religion and the Mystic level.

An interview Barack gave to the Chicago Sun Times in 2004 was recently posted on BeliefNet and apparently two bloggers Joe Carter and Rod Dreher read into his comments proof that Obama’s claim to being a Christian must be false.

There were two main issues, both of which highlight for me anyway (and this is what I am trying to share with my readers) the confusion that results from people not understanding the difference between two completely different levels of faith – what I call the Faithful level and the Mystic level.

In the first instance, apparently Joe Dreher claimed Obama denied the Nicene Creed since he called Jesus a bridge between God and man rather than clearly saying he is the Son of God. Dreher wrote, You cannot be a Christian in any meaningful sense and deny the divinity of Jesus Christ. You just can’t. well, looking at the issue from a purely Faithful level, this is literally true. those at the Faithful level say Jesus was (is?) the Son of God. And if you insist on taking the word son literally, as the Faithful tend to do, then that would mean you are buying into all the implications, including the biological, that a parent/child relationship entails. this would include the assumption that Mary, Jesus’ mother, was either impregnated by some magical means or else had a very interesting night of it back about nine months before Jesus’ birth.

Of course Obama saying Jesus is a bridge between God and man implies no specific biological relationship and would tend to upset Faithful level believers. But nothing in his statement denies the divinity of Jesus Christ. From what I have been able to gather though, Obama’s comments issue forth from a different level of belief that is not widely recognized in our society. Not that I consider it appropriate to judge anyone on what they believe but since some are hoping to catch poor Barack as being guilty of some form of false faith, I am offering a different opinion. From what I have been able to gather I believe Obama is at the Mystic level of faith(4.) in short this means he belongs to a very diffuse group where, among many other characteristics, metaphorical interpretation of religious concepts is common. so to a Mystic, saying Jesus is the Son of God is not really different from saying he is a bridge between God and man. in fact, in using the word god, the Mystic may not even be referring to a separate literal being. He may be referring to an entity of which man is a part. thus saying Jesus is a bridge between God and man may be a way of saying that following Jesus’ example can bring us closer to the piece of divinity that must exist within each of our human souls – not denying the divinity of Christ but uniting it, including it within something to which every human has potential access. Which brings us to the next point.

The World Wide Religion News article I mentioned above states blogger Joe Carter took issue with Obama saying he doesn’t believe that people who have not embraced Jesus as their personal savior will automatically go to hell. I can’t imagine that my God would allow some little Hindu kid in India who never interacts with the Christian faith to somehow burn for all eternity. That’s just not part of my religious makeup. well, if in fact Obama is a Christian at the Mystic level, he would not choose to see himself as part of an elite group from which others are excluded.

A Mystic on the other hand, seeks to include more beings, maybe even non-humans, in his circle of concern. As opposed to being ethnocentric, a Mystic is perhaps worldcentric or maybe even cosmocentric. never the triumphalist, a Mystic would not want to see any group of people excluded from whatever good things our existence has to offer. He may interpret eternal salvation differently from the way the Faithful person does, but a Mystic would not embrace a god or a worldview that would allow some little Hindu kid in India who never interacts with the Christian faith to somehow burn for all eternity.

Some proportion of the membership of nearly all religions and all churches consists of people at the Mystic level of faith. less articulate and not in the public eye like Obama, they go unnoticed by the generally more vociferous Faithful. the question should be not so much Is Obama a Christian? He calls himself a Christian and that should be all that is required. rather, my question is: Can the Faithful level Christians widen the doors of their clique to openly welcome someone whose faith includes everything theirs does – and more? Can they widen the windows of their hearts to allow a worldview and a faith stance that includes the exact beliefs they now hold but that – in the difference between literal versus metaphorical semantics – includes a god who would leave no one out in the cold?

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Ron Paul becoming hero of young voters

MEREDITH, New Hampshire — Tatiana does not hide her tears of happiness as she gushes, “Ron Paul, you are my hero.”

She shouts her praise at the top of her lungs as the Republican presidential candidate graciously accepts to pose for a photo with her.

The 32-year-old woman is among the many young people who came to a hotel ballroom in the small town of Meredith to meet with the 76-year-old Texan doctor ahead of Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire.

The room is crowded and the applause is loud. “Revolution!” shout supporters.

Dressed in a navy sweater and open-necked shirt, the oldest of the Republicans vying for the party’s nomination elegantly explains his radical economic views, including his opposition to the Federal Reserve, the Department of Education, and US military interventions abroad.

Paul on Sunday denounced the “military-industrial complex” and called for ending aid to Israel, which he even encouraged to become “the Hong Kong of the Middle East.”

He also talks about defending the Constitution and freedoms.

The other candidates, he says, “support the status quo” while “the country is looking for something completely different.”

Voters in New Hampshire refuse to be taken for granted. With Ron Paul, a Libertarian running for president for the third time, they cannot hide their enthusiam.

Outside the hotel, near Lake Winnipesaukee, another of his young supporters held a huge sign declaring, “Ron Paul, we love you!”

“He is the only one to tell the truth,” says Tatiana Moroz, who wore a Ron Paul T-shirt and said she had decided to write a song dedicated to her favorite candidate.

“He is the first candidate that really excits me,” adds James Blalock, who came here from Chicago to hear Paul. ”

“He brings people from different political spectrums together. He is anti-establishment, he respects our troops.”

Kyle Shattuck, a 34-year-old technician, came here with his mother, fiancee and brother — all Ron Paul fans.

In the evening, Shattuck volunteers for the Paul campaign making phone calls from home.

“He is not unelectable if people vote for him!” he says with indignation, rebuffing comments by some pundits who have questioned Paul chances of winning the White House.

This view is shared by Dawn McGill, a mother of three. she says even some Democrats have switched parties to vote for Paul in Tuesday’s primary because of his commitment to civil liberties and his opposition to foreign wars.

“If he is not the nominee, for the first time I will not vote Republican, and I am not alone,” McGill says firmly, counting herself among those who say they will not vote for former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, the favorite of the opinion polls to win the GOP presidential nomination.

A survey published Sunday by Suffolk University/7News gave Paul 20-percent support in New Hampshire, 15 percentage points behind Romney.

But regardless of the outcome in New Hampshire, the Texas congressman is already aiming at South Carolina, the next state to hold a primary on January 21.

Paul plans to arrive in that southern state probably as early as Wednesday.

“South Carolina will be a nice test for us,” he says, “because it is a bigger state.”

Paul says he has the necessary funding and a good organization to wage his campaign.

When asked about his health, he smiles and challenges his supporters to go with him on a bike ride.

2011: The Year Of The Individual

A year ago a Tunisian fruit vendor called Mohamed Bouazizi, 26, went to the local Government office and set himself on fire. the authorities had been hounding him daily for bribes and finally seized his pushcart and contents. the event went viral launching the Arab Spring that took down Tunisian leader Ben Ali, Egyptian President Mubarak and Mohamed Gaddhafi of Libya. the personal if tragic gesture of one individual morphed into a collective consciousness that toppled oligarchs, something international pressure had failed to do for decades.

In India, one man, Anna Hazare, went on hunger strike to protest the corruption in the system. he attracted a following of thousands forcing the Government to introduce an Anti-Corruption Law that while meek has brought awareness to the issue.

In Russia, an anti-corruption blogger, Alexei Navalny, is credited for the protest movement now taking place against the reportedly rigged parliamentary elections, threatening the presidential election of Vladimir Putin.

In Wall Street and in world cities, an Occupy Movement has flowered to protest the wrongdoings of bank and corporate executives and the growing gap between the wealthy 1 percent and the 99 percent that make up hard working people.

In the Philippines three individuals- Teddy Casiño, Liza Masa and Carol Araullo- filed a complaint against GMA on the ZTE deal. It became the basis for criminal charges by the Ombudsman. This is significant not so much for the allegations but for the fact the Ombudsman, for the first time in memory, has given voice to ordinary citizens wishing to make the equivalent of a citizens’ arrest. This will encourage other civic-minded individuals to take similar action on issues of national import.

Time magazine voted these “Protesters” as Man of the Year. A UK reader sent me a headline of the Daily Telegraph’s year-end edition: “Corrupt Elites are being Named and Shamed- by the People”.

In the Philippines, the origin of People Power, Noynoy Aquino, a President but an individual nonetheless, has vowed to transform our society.

The initiative started unsteadily with the formation of the Truth Commission, a body that it was hoped would bypass the ineffectiveness of the judicial process to prosecute corruption. in fact it was a legal eunuch that lacked the power of enforcement. It was subsequently declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Ironically it was the demise of the Commission that was the genesis for the resignation of the Ombudsman, Merceditas Gutierrez, the hold order on GMA and the current move to impeach the SC Chief Justice.

Had the Commission taken its legally ineffectual course, it would have been mired in administrative delays and fact-finding struggles even today. its abolishment forced Malacanang to face head on the problems of the Judiciary starting with the impeachment of Ms. Gutierrez. its success in getting her to resign and the favorable public reaction, emboldened the Administration to challenge the Supreme Court in the GMA TRO matter and now to seek the removal of the highest judge of the land.

In a separate but parallel track, the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee led by two Senators-Enrile and Osmeña- is looking to unearth seeming corporate wrongdoings in the Philex, MRT and other mega-transactions.

The Committee’s probe is principally “in aid of legislation” and, like the Truth Commission, lacks the legal teeth to prosecute. as a collegial body, it is also restricted by political considerations. What it does have, however, is the liberty of discovery on national television, unrestrained by court rules of evidence to uncover complex business structures- offshore hedge funds, nominee shell companies, directed trusts- and schemes. the information so gathered may be used by the Ombudsman and, for that matter, any individual(s) who understands the issues and can present them in a fully-formed narrative; to file plunder charges against the suspects, a non-bailable offense (R.A. 7080 defines plunder as ill-gotten wealth of over P50 million in a pattern of behavior). as in the ZTE case, regular citizens have now been empowered to bring wrongdoers to justice.

This is the story of 2011: That ordinary people doing extraordinary things can make ours a better place. This may take the form of action against social, corporate, political or criminal injustice; or it may take the form, simply, of love and respect for one another, the remembrance of small kindnesses that make for a gentler society. Witness the coming together of the Japanese following the tsunami.

The story is the power of one, one act, one voice that collectively can be a clamor against repression or a chorus of our humanity. either way it is inspiring to behold.

George W. Bush is a Four Letter Word on the Campaign Trail

President George W. Bush is not a name we are hearing much these days. Today, Iowa opens its polls for its first in the nation caucus. You hear the Republican field talking a lot about their hero Ronald Reagan, you hear a lot of trash talk about Barack Obama but barely a whisper about George W. Bush.

It isn’t so surprising. George W. Bush left office in 2009 with a 32% approval rating and was wildly disliked on the both the right and Left for his two very unpopular wars, out of control spending and massive deficits.

Contrast that with President bill Clinton, who left office with a 66% approval rating, a balanced budget and a surplus. he was so loved even a sex scandal and subsequent impeachment by Congress didn’t stop the American people from adoring him.

If you look at what the Republican candidates are saying, it is anything but good when George W. Bush is involved.

Rick Perry succeeded George W. Bush in the governor’s mansion in Texas. he always made it a point to trash bush when he could.

Newt Gingrich constantly refers to his time as Speaker of the House, back when the budget looked healthier and times were better.

Mitt Romney talks about his executive experience and how he is the one to return the country to a better time.

Rick Santorum mentions George W. Bush, but only in a vein of apologizing for voting with some of Bush’s bills while he was a Senator.

Funny enough, George W. Bush still has his supporters. they feel that the two term President left the country a lot safer than when he took office and that in the end history will judge him kindly.

According to the Associated Press former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer said. “Sad to say, they’re looking at polling data that indicates they’re better off not bringing him into the campaign. I think President Bush has made America a safer nation and better nation and I’m proud of it. But politics isn’t about what’s fair, it’s about winning.”

How do you feel about the George W. Bush years?

Jon Huntsman Calling It Quits

Later today, Jon Huntsman will formally announce withdrawal from the primary campaign and his support of Mitt Romney. FirstRead: And then there were five. At a speech from Myrtle Beach, SC at 11:00 am ET, former Utah Gov. (and former China ambassador) Jon Huntsman will announce his departure from the Republican presidential race and will endorse Mitt Romney, NBC’s Jo Ling Kent reported last night. despite the attention his candidacy received from the Chattering Class and despite the help from a Super PAC financed in part by his wealthy father, Huntsman never took off. a big reason was tone. he was the only GOP presidential candidate who never adopted the Tea Party’s rhetoric. Besides Ron Paul, he was the only one calling for the U.S. to withdraw from Afghanistan. And he was the only one calling for civility in politics. “we will conduct this campaign on the high road; I don’t think you need to run down someone’s reputation in order to run for the office of president,” Huntsman said at his presidential kick-off speech. as BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith noted, Huntsman made a gamble — back in 2009 — that his party would turn to the middle either tonally or ideologically. And that gamble turned out to be wrong.but does Huntsman’s endorsement of Mitt Romney strike you as strange? if you continue to read the piece at FirstRead, which has some great reactions to Huntsman’s exit, they talk about exactly what I am thinking; Huntsman is supporting Romney, when earlier in the campaign he said that Romney was “unelectable against Barack Obama” due to his varying stances on the “issues of the day”. how can Huntsman throw his support behind a candidate about whom he had some pretty harsh things to say? ——Photo: AP

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum has only 5 days and nights to bring his Iowa accomplishment to the Granite State. is this quite possible! ? Rick Santorum will not likely beat Mitt in Nh, I think even Rick Santorum knows this nevertheless precisely what Santorum really ought to carry out is beat anticipations. before the truly amazing exhibiting within the corn state, Rick Santorum was just displaying a 6% following while in the most recent polls. in fact in the event that Rick Santorum will be able to deliver more money in to his effort coffer every one of the TV advertisements accessible have already been paid for through Mitt.

An honest showing in the Granite State will help Rick Santorum pull alongside one another the powerful Christian conservative class that is definitely so important to triumph while in the South Carolina primary. as Santorum mentioned in his speech following results by the Iowa caucus, the game is on..

Rick Santorum has a Google problem. Rick Santorum isn’t the only person or even business to have a Google search results problem as a number of companies today are hiring help for their online reputation managment. exactly what can Rick begin doing regarding his Google and Bing dilemma? ? Rick could quite possibly either retain the services of an Search engine marketing specialist, an online reputation management agency, a link building service, or get a number of persons on his team to start utilizing some sort of SEO and link-building software programs on a daily basis.

Exactly what Should Santorum Do! ?

Rick Santorum should have a company that can help him with his reputation management if Rick wants to gain the nomination. we all will soon enough witness what the destiny can hold for Rick Santorum and his search for the presidential nomination.

Rick Santorum appears to have plenty of proponents, why then hasn’t his marketing campaign team been intelligent enough to engage someone to build a viral campaign by which they request followers to build a hyperlink to his endorsed pages and posts from their blogs and forums, Social networks, Youtube, or any various other media the supporters have access to which may positively impact the major search engines results. whomever is managing the Presidential campaign for Santorum seriously isn’t performing his or her position in relation to on the net mass media and also reputation management. now you will find there’s a flood of searches in the search engines on the subject of Rick Santorum and there are some marked by controversy results that we are absolutely sure they want laid to rest.Check out extra information upon Rick Santorum at this particular wonderful Rick Santorum website.

Rent Howard Hughes’ Former Mid-Century Home in Beverly Hills (PHOTOS)

Up for rent in Beverly Hills, California is a mid-century modern home that is rumored to have once been one of the many properties of American business magnate Howard Hughes. according to the listing agent, the 3,900-square-foot property located in affluent Trousdale Estates enclave, is “said to have been owned” by the legendary mogul and aviation enthusiast, and can be had as a rental for $22,500-a-month.

It is entirely conceivable that the aforementioned property was owned by Hughes at some point or another, especially when one considers the fact that the mercurial mogul accumulated a massive real estate portfolio in his years, spending roughly $300 million on properties in Las Vegas, Nevada alone. either way, the four-bedroom, five-bath offering is a pretty swell mid-century pad, what with its rows of glass walls, posh sunken living room, obligatory wet bar, brick and marble-lined fireplaces and an upper-deck lounge area with views of the city and Franklin Canyon Park.

Offered fully furnished, the property features such amenities as a small workout room, steam showers, pool table, outdoor kitchen, pool and spa. the Hughes rental has also been retrofitted as a ‘smart home’, with heating, air, audio and video all controlled from the touch of an iPad.

This listing is presented by Kittean Clark of Rodeo Real

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Rent Howard Hughes’ Former Mid-Century Home in Beverly Hills (PHOTOS)